Cleverbuild is a young, dynamic and efficient company, focused on customer service, with the objective of rigorously fulfilling their aspirations.
It has a multidisciplinary team, technically well prepared and with extensive experience in the market in which it operates, dominating the entire real estate process, from the stage of market prospecting, project, licensing, execution of work, sale.

Acting on the market for more than a decade, Cleverbuild is based on a property development company with a primary focus on the quality of the service to be provided to the client, the personalization of all the details requested by them, the close monitoring throughout the process, from the project, to the construction phase, culminating in the delivery of the work and the after-sale.

Focused on the high-end market and single-family housing, Cleverbuild has actively contributed to the rehabilitation, promotion and enhancement of high-quality residential areas in the city of Porto, being a real estate player in the Premium segment, with a lot of expression in the Western zone of the city. This level of market knowledge translates into the end of the project, a great investment for your customers who receive a product made to their image.

More than constructions and projects, we fulfill the dreams of our clients!

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Rua do Passeio Alegre, 862 | 4150-574 Porto
Tlf.: 220 127 459